Choosing a water color


Choosing a water color is one of the biggest decisions you can make when deciding to finish your pool. Take a look at the following resources that discuss water color and interior finish.

Choosing a Swimming Pool interior texture

Check out this great video by CL Industries regarding the texture differences in their pool finishes

Water Color by NPT Pool

"NPT® Interior Pool Finishes are exquisite mixtures of color and texture in an array of spectacular blends. "

Color Gallery by CL Industries

CL Industries provides products that have "revolutionized  the industry while becoming the world leader in exposed aggregate finishes, deck coatings, and building materials for commercial and residential pools"

 Five Star Pools, Inc. know's that choosing the right color and texture for your pool is an important decision. We hope that these resources  provide information and guidance for all of our clients in finding the right finish for their swimming pool project. 

*Please note that there are many factors that relate to the finished color of your pool and its water. These factors include depth and design of your pool, lighting and sun position, surrounding landscaping and overall environment. It is also worth noting that product samples viewed on electronic screens may have slight differences from actual products due to visual settings and capabilities of any visual electronic device